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Mango Expects Holiday Boom


(In a startling case of stating the bleeding obvious, Mango has released its thoroughly well researched assessment of what might happen when a load of people get time off from work over Xmas. I won't be contributing to their statistics, as Mango flights are for people less than 5ft tall and visiting circus performers from Albania)

Johannesburg, Nov 18 (I-Net Bridge) - Low cost airline Mango says it's expecting
the coming holiday season to be very profitable with the airline returning to
the highs that it reached in 2007 and 2008 and with load factors well within the
90% range.

CEO Nico Bezuidenhout said that the expected recovery stems from a number
of factors including the recent sharp increase in load factors since August as
well as the marked turnaround globally as airlines see passengers returning
after a challenging recessionary absence.

Bezuidenhout said: While the industry may not be out of the woods yet a
return to growth in the number of domestic travellers on Mango has been evident.

He also said that load factors have jumped between 5 and 10% since August
with bookings for December looking healthy.

The trend is positive, with leisure travel showing measurable growth for
the first time in 12 months - This after a period of decline experienced across
global carriers, Bezuidenhout added.

Mango plans to increase its route network and fleet in 2011 and will
become the first airline in the country to accept secure debit card payments

All of these plans come from the CEO's view that more people are moving
towards low cost travel and that this trend will only continue growing.

Mango feels it is well positioned to expand its network posting its
second profit this year after completing three full fiscal periods as well
having a large customer base; 6 million people have flown on the airline since
its first flight on 15 November 2006.


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